Outside the Wire

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Published by: Koehler Books
Release Date: August 30, 2022
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 978-1646639236



Baghdad Iraq, 2008.

Outside the Wire vividly portrays the story of Rick Sutherland, retired LAPD Detective Lieutenant now serving in Iraq as an embedded civilian counter-terrorism advisor, and Major Nancy Weaver, an Army doctor. When Rick is wounded in a mortar attack, he meets Nancy, and after a few missteps, a relationship develops between them. Nonetheless, they risk everything including their burgeoning romance, while battling clandestine Iranian operatives bent on the slaughter of thousands of innocents, and ultimately—the destruction of America.

It’s a race against time as Rick and Nancy become embroiled in the fight to stop murderous covert Iranian operatives and turn coat US soldiers from exploding multiple dirty bombs during a critical meeting of US and foreign Heads of State. The dirty bombs would spread deadly radiation throughout Baghdad and neighboring Army bases, killing thousands and rendering the area uninhabitable for decades. Rick and Nancy survive deadly firefights, enemy rocket barrages, and frustrating encounters with US Army bureaucracy in their desperate struggle to save American lives.



"Gary Edgington's counter-terrorism investigative experience, coupled with his hands-on involvement in Iraq as an embedded civilian law enforcement advisor for the U.S. military makes his writing all the more genuine and cutting edge."
-Gregory D. Lee, U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 5/CID Special Agent (Ret.)

"It's been 19 years since I manned the AF field hospital at the Victory Base Complex and took incoming at Camp Sather. Before the end of the first chapter, Outside the Wire had me back in the fight. Awesome read and deadly accurate!"
-Stephen Bercsi, MD, Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)

"Outside the Wire is a great read - a riveting story told as fiction; or is it? Gary uses his own experience as an embedded advisor in Iraq to look at the conflict with the unique perspective of an experienced criminal/counter terrorism investigator and a highly skilled intelligence officer."
-Wayne Rich, US Army Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3, Joint Special Operations Command

“I just finished Gary Edgington’s new thriller Outside the Wire. Having spent a dozen years in the middle east I noted that Gary’s book accurately portrays the bureaucracy, palace intrigue and local politics that lives in every US Military headquarters in the region. The duplicity, ruthlessness and cruelty of the enemy is also fully exposed. Outside the Wire, gives you a first-hand look at the horror, violence, heroism and humanity of that conflict. Read this book and you’ll know what the war was like.”
-Denis Flood, Captain USNR retired

"Edgington has mastered the gritty realism of Iraq: the good, the bad, and the ugly."
-Aaron Michael Grant, Staff NCO, USMC (ret.), Iraq war veteran, and author of Taking Baghdad-Victory in Iraq with the US Marines




Captain Erin O’Connor, C Company, 722nd Military Intelligence Battalion, reviewed the intelligence report one final time. It was the end of another 14-hour day, and she was fried. Sending this document would be her last official act as the boss of C Company. In less than 24 hours, she’d be on an Air Force C-17 flying back to the States to join her new husband at the US Army’s Intelligence Center for Excellence. Known as the “School House,” it was located at Fort Huachuca, in the arid desert of southern Arizona. Erin was truly sick of the desert, but at least she’d be with her new husband Wayne, a retired Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer-4. They never got a real honeymoon before she deployed, so they’d be spending a blissful week on the beach in Cancun before she reported for duty. This put a little smile on her weary face.

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