Desperate times lead to desperate actions


Russian forces may be nearing a critical juncture. Newsweek reports they are running short of essential supplies, Forbes reports they have a shortage of trucks. Morale is low, and dissent is rising in the motherland. As the snow melts, a sea of mud will bog down their vehicles. If Putin is to maintain power, he needs a victory fast. Some experts fear that with his back to the wall, he may resort to tactical nuclear weapons to secure a victory. Russian military doctrine regarding the use of nuclear weapons was recently modified in 2020 to include conventional threats to the Russian Federation and or its nuclear deterrent. It also includes an adversary’s use of weapons of mass destruction such as chemical or biological or a credible perceived threat that they were going to be used. Could Putin use the supposed “bio lab” discovery in Ukraine as a pretext for the employment of tactical nukes? Who knows? Desperate tyrants do desperate things.

Check out this related story from CNN that broke this morning:


The Russians have used the Kaliber missile (with a conventional warhead) on Ukrainian population centers during the current conflict.


  1. Philip Giffin on May 11, 2022 at 10:49 am

    Very interesting Gary. Thanks for your service.

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